It hurts so good

I went to yoga today. Not watched a yoga video, but I actually attended a class, with students and an instructor and everything. Its amazing, the difference. My sweet husband had no work today so he watched the kids while I went.

Why I love a yoga class:

The instructor can tell you what you’re doing wrong. My instructor happens to be awesome, and gives helpful hints how to do a pose perfectly.

Other classmates brings a positive energy to your workout. (yes, I believe in chakras and meridians)

I’m more motivated to workout longer, especially since I’m paying someone.

I’m not being treated as a train tunnel while doing my cat/cow pose. I love my kids to death and I actually think its super cute to have them think I’m a tunnel, but tunnels collapse and the sudden loss of a tunnel is unbearable for them some days.

I learn new poses and more about what I’m physically capable of.

I work my flexibility and balance simultaneously.