It hurts so good

I went to yoga today. Not watched a yoga video, but I actually attended a class, with students and an instructor and everything. Its amazing, the difference. My sweet husband had no work today so he watched the kids while I went.

Why I love a yoga class:

The instructor can tell you what you’re doing wrong. My instructor happens to be awesome, and gives helpful hints how to do a pose perfectly.

Other classmates brings a positive energy to your workout. (yes, I believe in chakras and meridians)

I’m more motivated to workout longer, especially since I’m paying someone.

I’m not being treated as a train tunnel while doing my cat/cow pose. I love my kids to death and I actually think its super cute to have them think I’m a tunnel, but tunnels collapse and the sudden loss of a tunnel is unbearable for them some days.

I learn new poses and more about what I’m physically capable of.

I work my flexibility and balance simultaneously.



Finding time to train

I’m actually very lucky. I get to be a stay-at-home momja. Which means in between soap opera and ding-dongs, no scratch that, those are disgusting, a decadent box of chocolates, I have loads of time to drill and review techniques. Haha! Oh stop, my sides are killing me.

I actually have to find time to work out. Before my third child was born I had the perfect time to practice. 630 am. Sometimes 6am. It was quiet and our basement is secluded enough that I could really go-to-town, drilling without waking anybody up. Once in a while I can pull this off, however, I’m usually too tired to fully wake myself up that early and that is also the time that my youngest (who’s 6 months) wants to eat. Yes, I am a milk-machine-momja. By the time baby is done eating, my two boys are up and wanting silly things, like food or using the bathroom. Killed my exercise time.

So I’ve found that if I want to train, I have to find time throughout the day. I really try to rotate which art I’m reviewing, because it is a dang lot of information. My Sensei is a nice guy, but he’s pretty demanding and a bit of a perfectionist. And when it comes to technique, so am I. I often compare Goju to Ballet. Very precise movements and not much room for interpretation. It’s the easiest to learn but the hardest to master in my humble opinion.

The nice thing about Goju is I can train in whatever room or place I happen to be in. I don’t need a partner and because it’s fairly simple I can drill 5 movements in 15 minutes if I wish. A mirror helps too, to check technique.

So when do I do this? While cooking, duh. Yup, right next to my gas stove top. OK, 5 feet away from it. Cooking is the best time to workout. I’m waiting for chicken to brown or rice to cook or veggies to steam, etc. Plenty of time to drill one movement in ten repetitions. Or better yet, do tricep dips or leg lifts at the kitchen sink. It may sound silly but it works. Plus I get a small workout in without even breaking a sweat! Easy-peasy.

Next post, Bathroom workouts!

You think I’m joking… 😉