What to do when you forget a technique

This morning was a morning wherein I was able to practice, and not just in my bedroom or kitchen. I worked out in the basement while my kids played like the crazies they are. The best is when they join in on the drilling. My oldest especially likes to “practice” with me. Today it was eight sword cuts and Goju drills. I also decided to go over pinan shodan. A Kata or form. This is a choreographed “dance” of techniques. I had one problem. I couldn’t remember how it started.

This happens all the time. I can remember the explosive parts of kata or middle parts or sometimes just the ending, but the beginning is the hardest for me to remember.

Usually I can rehearse what I do remember until my body just does it for me, or I can ask my husband who is my senpai (sort of). He a senior student who outranks me so he usually knows what I’ve forgotten. Today, he wasn’t answering his phone! Why don’t I call Sensei? oh yeah, he’s still in Korea. No problem though. Thanks to YouTube I can find just about anything. Including pinan shodan.

Here is half of the problem with getting information online. You cannot always guarantee authenticity or even find suitable references half the time. The other half is that every school has their own flair and style to most katas. Some times there will be an extra punch or kick. This can be tricky, if you train a kata differently than your instructor teaches, you most certainly fail. It’s like accents. English for example sounds totally different in different parts of the world. Are they all wrong or all right? neither, it depends on where you were raised. Apply this to katas. In my case I have to be mindful of what the video shows that is different from what I’ve been taught.  Again, I can always bounce questions off my husband or sensei, but I just have to wait to get my answers. I’m just impatient sometimes.

By the way, pinan shodan starts to the left with the right foot forward.


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